The Haunting - Part II

By Lance Soskin

This is the second part of my article posted last week, “Your Contracts May Come Back To Haunt You!I signed off with the claim that you do not have to pay $350 an hour for a good lawyer to ensure your contracts are legally sound and protect your interests. There is an alternative to hiring a lawyer from a typical law firm that will save your company a lot of time, money and aggravation. The suspense must be killing you.

You probably know what I was bound to say - that you can accomplish this by hiring a lawyer working for Contracts, Law & More. Truthfully, any good “virtual” law firm would likely offer much better rates than a typical law firm and offer the same quality work. It is not just that they do not have the usual costly overhead of offices, the typically bloated support staff and the time wasted each day traveling to and from the office and to and from clients. It is the whole culture and mentality behind the concept of a virtual firm.

I started Contracts, Law & More to reduce overhead and operate more efficiently so that ultimately I can offer legal services to clients at a much lower cost while still delivering a high quality work product and attentive service. On the administrative side, I am constantly thinking of ways to be more efficient. Whether it is using new technologies to their full potential, eliminating unnecessary expenses, or cutting back on the surprising amount of time most lawyers spend on redundant, superfluous paperwork just to cover their own hides in case a client decides to sue them - time that is charged to those clients in one way or another (something that may come back to haunt ME!).

Of course, it also is a lifestyle choice. I’m quite sure I do not work any fewer hours than other lawyers, but I do tend to have a more flexible schedule and greater mobility. You can read about the concept behind my virtual firm and how I am able to offer low cost legal services in my previous post, “Why You need Contracts, Law & More”.

Assuming that I am not inundated with work, I intend on posting an article each week with useful information on contracts and the law - simple, easy to read and understand…hopefully. Please bookmark this page and check back when you have a few minutes. On our website, you can subscribe to receive a weekly email notification when I post a new article.

Until next time…be sure to read your contracts carefully before signing them.

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