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If you have been terminated, DON'T SIGN a termination agreement or severance agreement until you have spoken with an employment lawyer

Before accepting any termination pay or severance pay from your employer when you are fired or laid-off or your employment is terminated, read the termination provision of your employment contract carefully. There is a possibility that it does not comply with the Employment Standards Act (“ESA”) and it is, therefore, void and unenforceable. In which case, we will likely be able to negotiate a larger termination or severance payment for you than your contract states, since the more generous “common law” will apply instead of your contract.

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Most requested employment contract clauses reviewed:

Non-Compete Clause Review

Many non-compete clauses in employment agreements, and in many commercial agreements, are void and cannot be enforced. We can review your employment agreement and let you know whether an employer would likely be successful if they try to enforce it.

Non-Solicitation Clause Review

Not all non-solicitation clauses are enforceable, especially in employment contracts. We can review your contract and let you know if it is enforceable at all, or whether only particular aspects of the non-solicit clause is likely to be seen as valid by a court.

Confidentiality Clause Review

Many confidentiality clauses are enforceable. Courts are likely to enforce confidentiality clauses. However, it does not mean that a former employee cannot use the skills and general knowledge acquired during their employment to compete with their prior employer. We can help you determine what you can use and what you cannot use.

The information above regarding termination pay, non-competition provisions and non-solicitation provisions, typically also apply to contracts for services between independent contractors and companies as well as in the employee-employer context.


Megan Sim - employment contract review

Lance did a great job on my contract review. He did it in a fast turnaround and even followed up with an email and phone call to explain.

Megan Sim

I required an attorney in Canada, I was so fortunate to find, Lance Soskin and Contracts, Law & More. He handled my legal needs so professionally, expeditiously and would strongly recommend anyone looking for a great attorney to call on Contracts, Law & More!

Bill Green

Lili Dronjak - employment contract review

I highly recommend using Contracts Law & More. I needed to find a lawyer for a contract review. Not only did he do an amazing job reviewing the contract, offering advice, and negotiating through a difficult situation, but he also did a lot more. He is very efficient, fast and honest. He made our lives so much easier and helped us make sense of a very complex and negative situation.

Lili Dronjak

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