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Who is a typical client of Contracts, Law & More?

Typically, we help small businesses, independent contractors and employees with their commercial contracts and employment agreements. If you have something else in mind, please Contact us to explain your situation. If we do not feel it is within our area of expertise, we might be able to recommend another firm that would be more suitable.

Does Contracts, Law & More provide a free initial consultation?

It depends on the particulars of the circumstance. Sometimes it is possible and sometimes it is not. A lawyer is available for a free initial phone conversation or email exchange about your situation to determine if "Contracts, Law & More" can help you, whether we are the right fit for you and to discuss our services in more detail.

Please  contact us by using the Contact form to explain the situation or email us at service@soskinlegal.com or call us at 647.560.1001. We typically respond within a few hours, unless it is after-hours. 

How do I hire Contracts, Law & More?

Please use the Contact form to explain the situation or email us at service@soskinlegal.com. We typically respond within a few hours, unless it is after-hours. Or call us at 647.560.1001. After we begin the engagement, you also will be able to securely upload files, download the completed work, and pay online using a credit card, Interac or Paypal.

For convenience sake, and to keep fees as low as possible, I try to maintain a 'virtual' practice, doing as much as is practical online using secure, well-regarded applications such as Box, Skype, Google Apps, Stripe and others.

What does it mean to "review" a contract?

A "contract review" means making notes on the contract to indicate where there are issues, or where issues might arise, and suggesting how you might deal with it if you have some room to negotiate; indicating what terms would be beneficial for you to have in the contract. I might suggest some alternate clauses if I feel I can do so with a reasonable time commitment - completely at my discretion. I will not re-draft every clause that I would normally write differently if I were drafting a contract from scratch.

Do I have to pay a retainer or a deposit before you do work?

"It depends", as most lawyers love to say.

If you hire us to review a contract at a fixed price, payment is usually processed once the engagement agreement is signed and the work begins. If you would prefer an alternative payment arrangement, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss options.

If you hire us for General Legal Advice on an hourly basis, once the engagement agreement is signed and the work begins we usually ask that you pay for at least part of work in advance. We will send you an invoice periodically as services are rendered.

Since we prefer happy clients, we also offer a pretty solid Refund Policy should our services not meet expectations.

What form of payment do you accept?

You can pay either by credit card, Interac or Paypal through a secure payment website provided by LawPay or Paypal.

For any other form of payment, please Contact us to discuss a possible arrangement.

Where can I see more information about the founder of Contracts, Law & More?

Please see the About page to learn more about Lance Soskin.