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Independent Contractors Could Be Employees Under New Law
Independent Contractors Could Be Employees Under New Law

Ontario has passed new legislation into law which modifies the Employment Standards Act. The government has decided to crack down on employers; the Ministry of Labour is hiring 175 more employment standards officers to audit companies each year to ensure that they are not ‘mistakenly’ classifying an employee as an independent contractor. The courts have ‘interpreted’ the ESA and have through various decisions established a non-exhaustive list of factors which should be considered when making such a more
Confidentiality Clauses in Employment Contracts - Restrictive Covenants, Part III

IN THIS ARTICLE, I will shed light on the enforceability of confidentiality clauses (a.k.a. non-disclosure agreements) in employment contracts and various business contracts. A confidentiality clause typically prohibits a person from disclosing or using the confidential information of the employer or company. Courts are likely to enforce confidentiality more